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Agi Klement
2010-09-25 17:31:15
Sziasztok! Már régen voltam it, még mindég nagyon szépep a Kutyusok. Sok Üdvöz Németböl Ági
2010-09-20 20:52:50
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Congratulations for all your dogs, their are so beautiful.
2010-09-10 18:58:45
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bonjours , je suis a la recherche d une femelle lilac je voulais savoir si vous en aviez de disponible et a quel prix et avoir des reseignement sur pedigree
Dan Romania Brasov
2010-08-27 10:42:09
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Telefon beszelgetes utan kuldom az e-mailt Koszonom
2010-07-10 16:40:38
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SzĂŠp az eladĂł kislĂĄny az ĂĄrĂĄt lehettudni? nagyon imĂĄdom a Sar peit
Russell Sage
2010-05-29 02:25:09
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I am very happy with my new puppy Pepperoni. He is very loveable. The breeder was nothing but professional with a big heart for their puppies. My transaction went flawlessly with all of our questions being answered in a very timely manner (and I had lots of them.) Even with the over seas shipping involved I would recommend the breeder to anyone. Thank you so much for everything!
James Ward
2010-05-13 21:32:3
Thank you for our little girl. We named her Zsa Zsa. She is better than we ever thought she would be. She is GORGEOUS, outgoing, happy and lovable. If anyone wants a EXCELLENT Shar Pei then this IS the place to get one!!! I highly reccomend this breeder!! She kept us up to date with pictures and shipped a perfect baby to us. Thank you so much!!!!
Cindy de Nottbeck
2010-04-15 00:37:56
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Your Peibabies are beautiful ,I love your site lots of beautiful sharpei.I don`t have a site at this time I did but it was on geocities and they closed down
2010-04-01 17:18:52
Hello from Germany, I enjoyed visiting your site - well done! Greeting from Bochum in Germany. Maybe take a look at my 2. page www.edda.beep.de Edda is my first shar pei and got an own homepage. Good luck in the future. Betti Good
Andres Villafuerte
2010-03-22 22:55:43
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hola.. Quisiera saber si sus perros han participado en exposiciones. gracias


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