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2014-03-18 22:46:28
hola me gustaria saber el precio en españa del macho Qi Ming Xing Ravioli y del cachorro azul de 6 meses gracias
2014-01-01 17:19:43
Enhorabuena por esos maravillosos perros que tienes fantasticos......
Ramon Cordero
2013-07-27 02:41:19
Weblap: jnformation
Greetings, looking for information about the shar pei found your website, I see they have a pure rasa, I am interested in a Shar pei, I live in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, which is the cost of a chachorro, preferably black, as Beauty ... Please if you are so kind to give me information and prices ...
Salih Saruhan
2013-07-13 18:17:25
Weblap: Nincs megadava
Hi i currently own a 4 month old beautiful female black shar pei, and am interested in getting a male to keep her company. What are your prices and when is the next litter due? Thanks :)
Marcela Hlavickova
2013-06-24 13:57:09
Weblap: puppies
Dobry den, chtÏla bych od Vas stenatko, psa coko izabel. Psa bych chtÏla na vystavy, mam uz fenku sarpeje. Chtela bych mohutnÊho psa s hodne vråskami. Co nejdøíve. Bydlim v ÈeskÊ republice, mÏsto Brno Marcela Hlavickova
søs reimar
2013-01-31 13:21:20
Weblap: Nincs megadava
I am interested in a Blue diluate shar pei. I have owned shap pei for 10 years. I have 1 black male and he need a friend. Hope to hear from you Sincerly Søs Reimar
2013-01-30 18:41:56
Weblap: Nincs megadava
Hello, i found you are nice dog and i look for a female blue, could you tell me when is your next litter, Thanks
2012-12-07 14:38:42
Weblap: Nincs megadava
Hello! could you please tell when there will be a litter due. i am interested in a beautiful rich chocolate colour or blue. thank you!
2012-09-16 22:12:06
Greetings from France, you have nice dogs and a website bravo. http://royaumedesbalkans.chiens-de-france.com/
2012-08-12 15:48:41
Weblap: Nincs megadava
Hello, I would like to know what is the price of Viva´s and Ravioli´s puppies. I Live in Granada (Spain), so I would like to know how much could cost as tranport up here of one of them, as well. Thanks a lot.


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